MetaApes is a collection of 99,999 Non Fungible tokens (NFTS) generated exclusively by Metaverse Apes Club. They are very special to our community and will always be written on the Polygon blockchain. You will be able to buy and trade your MetaApes assets in Opensea. These amazing MetaApes have various characteristics. They are defined as the guardians of the Metaverse, making them very unique and collectible in nature. For example, Crown Hat, it is the most precious of all collections, only 103 pieces are produced in total. As seen in many of them, those who possess it will win the battle in the Metaverse. In addition, each characteristic corresponds to an enhanced or special divine power, which is also a symbol of power and status in the Metaverse. Why join our club? Because it will give you exclusive governance privileges in the ever-evolving MetaApes Club world, MetaApes will derive more virtual assets in the future development of web3. Please remember that we love our community, the community is exclusive, and makes history in the Metaverse space. Grasp your MetaApes, just like cherishing your own baby, don't lose it.

The owner of this asset also owns the full commercial rights of the image itself and the original rights in the Metaverse.
Owning a MetaApes provides access to the MetaApes Club (if unlocked) and other exclusive perks for holders. . The MetaApes holders will be able to stake their NFTs in earn for a new NFTs.
MetaApes are safely stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon blockchain. Metadata is stored in the IPFS network.
They are randomly generated based on more than 70 possible characteristics and attributes, including background, suit, hat, fur, face, eyes, mouth, accessories , etc. Each MetaApes is unique in the world, no other is exactly the same, they are the guardians of the Metaverse.
Upon sell-out, we will acquire a piece of land in the Metaverse in Sandbox.The time has finally come when you will have your own MetaApes 3D NFT as a custom playable Metaverse Avatar. MetaApes 3D NFT integrates playable avatars into the Sandbox. We will be able to organize events in Metaverse. And reach a certain level to send a house (not a land).Therefore, with MetaApe, you will also own a house in Metaverse.
The MetaApes is a full time project for us now and it will continue to be after the public sale. Below is what we're working towards in the short term. Each milestone unlocks when a certain % of apes have been minted. Future developments will be decided and voted upon by the DAO community.
Some of Apes NFTs will be airdropped to our early adopters and fanbase.
After completing 8,888 MetaApes asset airdrop, you can freely trade and store your NFT in OpenSea.
The second round of free airdrop whitelist registration, creating the original activity and consensus of the community.
MetaApes NFTs mint opens.We ramp up our Discord and social media management, which will include a pack of community managers and moderators to bring our Ape community to the moon.
MetaApes rarity is open, the top 100 richest list is announced, and exclusive privileges to enter the MetaApes club and other holders.
The MetaApes NFTs Earn function is open. The competition for assets with crown attributes began.
Release most of the liquidity in the secondary market and enter the metaverse ecology.Build a community and DAO governance model.
The rest of the fate of this project will be determined by YOU, the DAO! Together, we plan to make this an ultra strong, fun loving, community!
There will be 99,999 total MetaApes NFTs, and the distribution is as follows.
● 30% is used to purchase Metaverse land assets.
● 50% is used to make DEFI investment in Metaverse theme, and the income generated provides virtual currency rewards for holders.
● 10% is used to incubate new projects.
● 10% Contributor incentives.
DAO governance - 25%
Team and early investors 2%
Partnership and exchange relationship 3%
Ecological construction 10%
Holder incentive 25%
Airdrop to Lucky fans 15%
Farmer incentives 20%
Airdrop arrangement
10% of MetaApes NFTs will be allocated to Polygon chain users who trade on Opensea, thank them for their contributions to Polygon and Opensea.
5% of MetaApes NFTs will be allocated to users who bring activity and liquidity to the community in the early stage, and they have established the most primitive consensus.
The process of holding and collecting MetaApes NFTs is the process of DAO governance power formation.
The governance standard comes from the sum of each MeatApes NFT RarityScore.
MetaApes NFTs with crown attributes have greater power because they are very rare.
The goal is to derive more Metaverse assets through the governance of MetaApes Club DAO, and continue to bring value and return to MetaApes NFTs holders.
The MetaApes was founded by three friends who set a goal and want to achieve it. Three oddly matched people expressing themselves via art and creating something interesting and hilarious.
Art Director
Marketing Lead
Lead Developer
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